"Dzīvoklis 17"

Dzīvoklis 17
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Name of the Accommodation:"Dzīvoklis 17"
Address:7 Brivibas Street, apt.17, Rujiena
Phone:+371 26450931; +371 29458683
E-mail:[email protected]
Description:1-bedroom flat offering a place to stay for 3 people (one double sofa-bed and a single bed).
Price for a guest for one night: 1 guest 24.00 euro; 2 guests 30.00 euro; 3 guests 45.00 euro. Price includes bed linen, towels, other necessary things and disinfectants. There is a WC with a bathtub in the flat and a kitchen with a refrigerator, ceramic stove, washing machine, kettle, dishes, etc.
There is a widescreen TV with HelioiTV subscription and free Wi-fi.
The flat is located on the second floor of a multi-family residential building in the centre of Rujiena.
Services:Transportation service is available for an additional charge.

Guest House "Lauvas licis"

Lauvas līcis
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Lodging: Guest House "Lauvas līcis"
Phone: +371 26778322
Number of guests: 12
Price: 16EUR/per person
Services: 5 rooms and 1 deluxe room, tent pitches, catering, children's playground. Availability of a hall for parties and events.


Naukšēnu Manor

Lodging: Naukšēnu Manor
WEB address: www.naukseni.lv
Phone: 64268154; 29491730
Number of guests: 10
Price: 16EUR/per person
Services: Museum. Guided area tour. Conference room for 100 visitors.


Guest House "Udzēni"

Lodging: Guest House "Udzēni"
WEB address: www.udzeni.lv
Phone: 26528965
Number of guests: 27
Price: 7 EUR
Services: Lodging - EUR 7, Family house (2+2) - EUR 20, Bath-house + fireplace hall - EUR 60, Bath-house - EUR 15 + EUR 2 per person, Tent pitches - EUR 2 + EUR 1 per person.


Gust house "Ķoņu dzirnavas"

Lodging: Gust house "Ķoņu dzirnavas"
WEB address: www.konudzirnavas.lv
Phone: 28346892; 26424567
Number of guests: 62
Price: no 10 – 20 EUR
Services: Tour along mills - EUR 1.50 Sauna 1 hour – EUR 14, every next hour - EUR 7/hour Bath-house - EUR 70. Catering, tent pitches and area for trailers, boat rental - EUR 4.30/h, paddle boat rental - EUR 4.30/h. Sports fields, picnic areas. Organizing of events and sporting games.


Holiday Home "Grēņi"

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Lodging: "Grēņi" in Koni rural territory
WEB address: -
Phone: 64263511; 29145558
Number of guests: 4
Price: 7 EUR
Services: Kitchen, shower, bath-house, banquet hall for 20 persons, fishing, sports field, tent pitches, grill.


Hotel "Sapņotava" of the Guest House "Rūjas Nāras"

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Lodging: Hotel "Sapņotava" of the Guest House "Rūjas Nāras"
WEB address: www.naras.lv
E-pasts: [email protected]
Phone: 64265394; 29431081
Number of guests: 20 rooms; 30 beds in the attic Chukurs "Nāru cisas"
Price: Double room - EUR 25.30; in the attic - EUR 9.35 per person
Services: Catering, 5 bath-houses, bubble bath, country SPA procedures, herbal bath under the sky, boat ad paddle boat rental, fishing, raft rental, catering, rent of premises for events, tasting of local produce of Naukseni, tours around the neighbourhood.



Apartment 1 "Emilija"

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Lodging: Apartment "Emilija" is located not far from the centre of the town on the second floor of the building at 10 Raina Street.
Phone: 29249397
Number of guests: Maximum of 4 + 1 supplemental person for the total of 5 persons (free for the children under age of 2)
Offer: 2 rooms: in both rooms, you can find sofas and closets, night lights; Kitchen with all necessary objects: wood-burning stove, teapot, dishes, electrical stove, coffee can; Iron and ironing board; WC, bath; Free parking; Price includes bed linen and towels.