Café "Trīs draugi"

Trīs draugi
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Address: 6 Valdemara Street, Rujiena
Phone: 64263694
Services: Catering, organizing of banquets on the road, catering for groups - by coordinating in advance, lease of premises for events.
Number of guests: 50


Dining room "NĀRAS ASTE" of the Guest House "Rūjas Nāras"

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Address: Naukseni, Naukseni municipality
Phone: 64268194
Services: Catering for groups and banquets - Latvian country meals. Organizing of banquets on the road, lease of premises, grilling fireplace, large soup pot and pancake cookery on the summer terrace "Panāksnieku paksis".
Number of guests: 40, on the summer terrace - 30; in the cosy corner "Hugo Cukurnieka Mēnesgaismas meistarpagrabs"- 20.


Café "e.d.a"

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Address: 5 Valdemara Street, Rujiena
Phone: 26455565
Services: Offer contains - daily dinner offer, novelty - pizzas. Catering for parties and weddings. Meat and fish platters may be ordered. Souvenirs of the local craftsmen may be purchased. Guests can enjoy beer or fermented non-alcoholic beverage kvass. Novelty - meals can be enjoyed also on the premises "Edas Malkas šķūnis". Tourist groups are welcome, please call in advance.
Number of guests: between 30 and 55


Ķoņu dzirnavas

Ķoņu dzirnavas
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Address: "Ķoņu dzirnavas", Koni rural territory, Naukseni municipality
Phone: 64230836; 26424567
Services: Banquets, catering of tourist groups - by coordinating in advance. Lease of premises, organizing of events.
Number of guests: 80