Offer for the tourist groups

Rujiena ice-cream

Rūjienas saldējums
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Rujiena ice-cream is a natural dairy product produced only from natural - real milk. At the factory, you will be able to taste various types of ice-cream and watch a video film about making of ice-cream. Please apply 1-2 days in advance.

Address: 5 Upes Street, Rujiena
Apply: by calling 29403494
Ice cream tasting: for children, pupils and pensioners 3.50 EUR /person, for adults 5.00 EUR /person
E-mail: [email protected]

New Exhibition Hall of Rujiena

The New Exhibition Hall is open since 26 September 2009. Visitors are offered guided tours around the town. Please apply in advance.

Address: 7 Upes Street, Rujiena
Apply: by calling 371 26381413
Fee: visit - EUR 0.70/per person

Exhibition Hall of Rujiena

Rūjienas Izstāžu zāle
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A permanent exposition of the works by Arvīds Strauja and a collection of gypsum pieces by the sculptor Jānis Zariņš may be viewed here. Please apply in advance for a tour. Phone: +371 26381413

Address: 34 Rigas Street, Rujiena
Apply: by calling +371 26381413

Blacksmith's workshop at the farm "Kalnmesteri"

Kalēja darbnīca
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You will be able to observe creation of interesting pieces from metal. An exhibition is available here; the blacksmith's works may be purchased and their application tried out.

Address: 65 Rigas Street, Rujiena
Apply: by calling 29481759
Fee: tour - EUR 3.00/per person

"Rūjienas Šinšillas"

Rūjienas Šinšillas
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Professional breeding of chinchillas. Various interesting stories regarding chinchillas, their breeding and participation in the European championships.
Offer contains also several non-traditional tourism products: (spray art - an opportunity to see creation of paintings on paper. You will have an opportunity to create your first painting), bioenergetics, eco workshop (how interesting and practical things can be made from the objects that we usually throw out). A painting exhibition may be viewed.

Address: "Ligotnes", Jeri rural territory, Rujiena municipality www.chinchilla.lv
Apply: +371 64263777, 26119504, please apply separately for each subject you are interested in.
Fee: per tour (1 hour) EUR 2.00/per person

Naukseni People's Museum

Naukšēnu Cilvēkmuzejs
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Naukseni People's Museum –once located at the Naukseni Manor, now it may be found on the second floor of the Naukseni Doctor's Building, which is one of the most beautiful places in the Naukseni municipality.

The stories regarding the residents of Naukseni and more may be heard and relived here.

Exposition of the museum is unique because it is not hidden on shelves behind the glass. You will be able to handle looms and weave your colour in the blanket, try on Latvian or Estonian national costume and take a photograph in it. You will not get away until your hands are dirty by trying to write using a quill pen. And what about Naukseni disco that you must dance right at the museum!

The museum offers:

  • tours around the museum;
  • learning programmes for pupils;
  • guided tour around the Naukseni Manor;
  • wedding programme;
  • tasting of local oils and beverages;
  • information regarding tourism objects of the region.

Apply: +371 26452037, +371 64268021 or [email protected]; www.cilvekmuzejs.naukseni.lv
Address: "Doctor's Building", Naukseni rural territory, Naukseni municipality

The Jeci Nature Trail

Jēču dabas taka
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A trail for gaining of knowledge and observation of nature. Informational stands on the trail tell you regarding meadow, forest and swamp habitats characteristic to a region, as well as regarding relief formations, plants and animals. The trail leads you through beautiful landscapes and unique natural formations.
A range of unique natural and cultural formations - Jeci Bowl Stone, Pugu Stone Stacks, oss Garais Hill, Kraujini Huge Stone, as well as meadow, forest and swamp habitats characteristic to a region, large herbivorous animals - wild horses and aurochs, beavers' living environment, high-growing trees, characteristic landscapes.
The trail has three routes. Each one of them is marked with a different colour.
7.3 km (3h) - red marking: Jeci - Pugas - Grantini.
2.7 km (1h) - blue marking: Jeci - Pugas.
7.6 km (3h) - a circle around the red and blue marking: Jeci - Pugas - Jeci.
Well-worn trail, in some sections it has coverage of horizontal logs.
Waterproof footwear is required for hiking in wet weather conditions.
Guided thematic tours by applying in advance, by calling +371 26527214:
a tour "Landscape and grazing" (1.5 hours) - at the pasture of aurochs and horses. Price from EUR 10 for groups larger than 10 persons - EUR 1/per person. Free for children under the age of 10. Size of group - up to 30 persons;
a tour "Stories of Stones" (0.5 hours) in the Jeci mills park. Price from EUR 5. Size of group - up to 15 persons.

Raft "Ruhjas Donalds"

Kondola Ruhjas Donalds
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Offer contains:

* "Voyage to Rujiena and back "Visiting the Bewer Fiber Kastor of Rujiena" (2.5 hours long voyage to Rujiena- Water Mills of Imanta and back (up to 21 persons) EUR 77.00).
* Naukseni from the riverside "If an Estonian pirate crosses our path..." (45 minutes long voyage along the Rujiena River (a group of at least 10 passengers) EUR 2.50 per person).
* "Rafter's set" (Barbecue, salad, mineral water on the raft) EUR 4.50 per person.

Address: Guest House " Rūjas Nāras", Naukseni rural territory, Naukseni municipality
WEB Address: www.naras.naukseni.lv
Apply: by calling +371 29431081 - rafter Aivars; +371 64268194 - port service. With a new motor raft - "Ruhjas Donalds" both during the blossoming season and the first frost on the Ruja River.

Ķoņu dzirnavas

The only place in Latvia where cereal is ground and wool span and blankets and pillows filled with natural sheep wool are sown at the same location. You will be able to observe processing of wool, using more than 100 years old equipment, and how flour is made of the cereal. An opportunity to purchase natural wool, blankets and pillows. Guest house, picnic areas, organizing of sporting events, summer camps for children, mind games and birthday parties.

Address: “Ķoņu dzirnavas”, Koni rural territory, Naukseni municipality
Apply: Phone 64230836; 26424567
Fee: per tour - EUR 2.50/person

Erini motor sports track

Eriņu mototrase
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Viewing of the track and cross motorcycles, video film regarding motocross, riding a motorcycle with a side-car.

Address: Erini, Koni Mills, Koni rural territory, Naukseni municipality
WEB Address: www.mototrase.lv
Apply: +371 26514524
Fee: per tour - EUR 0.60/person riding a motorcycle - EUR 0.80/person tent pitches - upon agreement.

Farm "Klimpas"

Z/s Klimpas
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Station of the Latvian Sheep Breeders Association You will find out everything about sheep - what they eat, how they grow, their habits, what is done with wool and what is a situation in the area of sheep breeding in Latvia. Auctions of rams and Sheep Days are organized on the farm.

Address: "Klimpas", Jeri rural territory, Rujiena municipality
Apply: by calling 64263281, +371 26355100
Fee: per tour (1 hour) EUR 1/per person

Ruja Swamp

Interesting stories regarding developing of swamp and observation of process in nature.

Address: Vilpulka rural territory, Rujiena municipality
Apply: by calling 29263990
Fee: per visit (1 hour) - EUR 0.50/per person

Flower Garden "Cirulos"

The garden is located at Ciruli of Jeri rural territory, Rujiena municipality. Hobby of the owners is gardening, for this reason for the duration of many years they have collected various plants, tried to create their own garden, and the garden area has continued to increase. Approximately 30 varieties of irises, just as many varieties of lilies, various sorts of astilbes and phlox, as well as more or less famous wintergreens are currently growing in the garden. Day lilies are the most important flowers in the garden - approximately 250 varieties. The garden may possibly not have the correct design but it is able to bring joy to every visitor, as it is taken care of with love and diligence.

Skaists dārzs 'Cīruļos'
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Address: "Ciruli", Jeri rural territory, Rujiena municipality, LV-4234
WEB Address: www.dienziedes.lv
Phone: 26432025 vai 29328444
E-mail: [email protected]
Fee: upon agreement

Stable "Zirgu vārdotāja"

Certified specialist with a teaching experience is offering:

  • slow horseback rides for those who enjoy calm and relaxing recreation;
  • sporty rides and enjoyment of speed - for those enjoying thrill;
  • horseback riding for kids and adults;
  • training in horseback riding for beginners.

Riding in the area is accompanied by a professional, and it is suitable for each visitor in accordance with your desires and skills. Unforgettable experience may simultaneously be enjoyed by 4 persons.

Stallis 'Zirgu vārdotāja'
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Address: Erini, Koni rural territory, Rujiena municipality, Valmiera region LV-4240
Apply: by calling: 26286144, we are working without holidays

30 min. - EUR 13
In winter, in addition to horseback riding and training for the third year now you can enjoy skijoring, during which you may enjoy speed on the skis pulled by a horse on a snowy field or road. Skis may be replaced by a snow board, inflated tire or sleigh.

20 min. - EUR 5.70
Reittherapy courses are also available. More information regarding positive impact of reittherapy on the human body is available here.

1h-EUR 10
Enjoy excellent time, experiencing moment and feeling of freedom on horseback together with friends and family!

Two-day horseback trip to Burtnieku Lake and lodging at the camping "Ezerpriedes" Price for one person - EUR 170

Stone informative trail in Koni Hill.

Akmens izziņas taka Ķoņu kalnā
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Visitors may familiarize themselves with interesting stones that can be found on the Koņi Hill as a result of receding of glacier. Stone informative trail is not long - only few hundred metres - from the area designated for parking to the "Baltic Sea", and then from the north of "Botnija" Bay to the "Gulf of Riga". Such exposition, using a model of the Baltic Sea is unique. A collection of 50 stones placed in the right areas of their origin is scientific enough and provides an opportunity for the visitors to gain one-of-a kind knowledge.

Swordlilly garden

Gladiolu dārzs
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The garden hosts more than 450 varieties from selectionists of Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Canada and USA. The owner grows swordlillies for more than 30 years, they are the love of his life. Visiting time during the blossoming season - August - September. You may purchase bulbs and also flowers during the blossoming season.

Address: 18 Zemenu Street and at the Guest House "Grēņi"
WEB Address: www.gladiolapluss.lv
Phone: (+371)28822895
E-mail: [email protected]
Fee: individually